Why does my Kinetico Water Softener keep running to drain

Water running to drain?

With softeners and filter/softeners, start by testing the drain water. If the drain water is hard, the tank currently in service has a problem with its drain valve. If the drain water is soft, start with number 1 below.

1. Problem  Reason  Solution The balance piston O-ring is  not seated properly. Water will leak past an improperly seated balance piston O-ring and out the drain. Action: Depress the actuator several times to seat the O-ring.  Replace worn or non-conforming O-ring. Balance piston O ring sits at the top of head beneath the manual regeneration screw. Sometimes it is necessary to add a second thin O ring to take up any slack in the seal.

2. Scored or damaged control disk. A scored control disc will allow a fast drip to a pencil-sized stream to flow through the drain. Action: Replace the control disc seals or control disk.

3.The drain or control valve seals are not seating properly. Action: Foreign matter under the seals will not allow them to seat properly. Action: Disassemble and remove the foreign matter from seals. Replace seals, may be worn.

4.Low water pressure. If the water pressure is less than 15psi (CP208-210) or 25 psi (CP213- 216) at the brine fitting, the system may not operate properly. Action: Test Backwashing Filters with the unit in backwash and 1 faucet (cold) running water. Increase water pressure.

 5. The Main Valve piston quad rings or Level 4 internal quad rings are not sealing. Action: The quad rings may be rolled,pinched, torn or just dirty, or may need replacing. Replace and re-silicone the quad rings.