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Why does my Kinetico Water Softener keep running to drain

Water running to drain?

With softeners and filter/softeners, start by testing the drain water. If the drain water is hard, the tank currently in service has a problem with its drain valve. If the drain water is soft, start with number 1 below.

1. Problem  Reason  Solution The balance piston O-ring is  not seated properly. Water will leak past an improperly seated balance piston O-ring and out the drain. Action: Depress the actuator several times to seat the O-ring.  Replace worn or non-conforming O-ring. Balance piston O ring sits at the top of head beneath the manual regeneration screw. Sometimes it is necessary to add a second thin O ring to take up any slack in the seal.

2. Scored or damaged control disk. A scored control disc will allow a fast drip to a pencil-sized stream to flow through the drain. Action: Replace the control disc seals or control disk.

3.The drain or control valve seals are not seating properly. Action: Foreign matter under the seals will not allow them to seat properly. Action: Disassemble and remove the foreign matter from seals. Replace seals, may be worn.


4.Low water pressure. If the water pressure is less than 15psi (CP208-210) or 25 psi (CP213- 216) at the brine fitting, the system may not operate properly. Action: Test Backwashing Filters with the unit in backwash and 1 faucet (cold) running water. Increase water pressure.

 5. The Main Valve piston quad rings or Level 4 internal quad rings are not sealing. Action: The quad rings may be rolled,pinched, torn or just dirty, or may need replacing. Replace and re-silicone the quad rings.

Fit Kit 0001 Replace main seals – usually fixes this problem 99% of time.

Kit 0001






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Kinetico water meter disk is not turning

When the water meter disk on the top of your Kinetico water softener is not turning there are a number of simple reasons.

1. Non-conforming meter drive pawl. Action: Replace meter drive pawl.

2. Meter drive spring installed wrong. Action: Reinstall meter drive spring.

3. No back pawl not installed. Action: Install no back pawl.

4. Damaged tooth on the meter disc. Action: Replace meter disc.

5. Damaged gear in the gearing stack. Action: Re-gear Level 1 Assembly and check allowable flow rates.

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My Kinetico Water Softener will not go into automatic regeneration


1. Water meter disc is not turning.

2. Control disc will not automatically
advance out of service position.

3. Damaged teeth on control disc.

Action: Replace regeneration start pawl and replace control disc.

With the head removed manually rotate flow controls and check operation of gears. Scrutinise all cogs and check teeth on all the systems.

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My Kinetico does not draw brine in brine position


1. Check stems missing or not working correctly. Normally yellow on base level, two check stems. Make sure they are fitted correctly. Replace or add check stems.

2. Plugged venturi. Clean out venturi, but do not damage this item. Clean out Level 3 venturi throat and molded venturi nozzle (Do not use anything sharp).

3. Plugged backwash flow control. Clean out backwash flow control.

4. Plugged brine elbow screen. Clean out brine elbow screen.

5. Check all quad rings on Kinetico ensuring all are in good condition.

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My Kinetico Water Softener brine tank does not refill

Brine drum does not refill or overfills.


1. The brine valve is set incorrectly. Set the brine valve according to instructions on the brine valve installation sheet in the owner’s pack or tech manual.

2. The brine valve is non-conforming. Replace the brine valve.

3. The brine drum is dirty. Clean out the brine drum.

4. The venturi nozzle is plugged. Clean out Level 3 venturi throat and molded venturi nozzle.

5. The brine elbow screen is plugged. Remove and clean brine elbow