My Kinetico is Making a Strange Noise

If your Kinetico water softener is making a strange noise, it could be an indication of an underlying issue that requires attention. Here are a few possible causes and steps to address the noise:

  1. Air in the System: Air trapped in the water softener system can cause unusual noises, such as gurgling or hissing sounds. Check for any air pockets in the plumbing lines connected to the water softener. You can try bleeding the air out by slowly opening a faucet near the water softener until the noise subsides.
  2. Blockage or Debris: Strange noises can also occur if there is a blockage or debris in the control valve or other components of the water softener. Inspect the system for any visible obstructions and clean the components as needed. Pay attention to the valve assembly, brine tank, and other areas where debris or sediment might accumulate.
  3. Water Pressure Issues: Low or fluctuating water pressure can lead to unusual noises in the water softener. Check the water pressure entering the system and ensure it falls within the recommended range for the water softener. If the pressure is too low or inconsistent, it may be necessary to address any plumbing issues or consult a professional plumber to investigate and resolve the pressure problem.
  4. Mechanical Malfunction: If the strange noise persists and does not seem related to air, blockages, or pressure, it could be indicative of a mechanical malfunction within the water softener. Components such as valves, motors, or gears may be worn out or require adjustment. In such cases, it is recommended to contact Kinetico directly or a qualified Kinetico service technician to diagnose and repair the specific issue causing the noise.

It’s essential to address strange noises in your water softener promptly to prevent potential damage and ensure its optimal performance.