Level 2 Explained in Detail

In a Kinetico water softener, Level 2 refers to the second stage or level of operation in the control valve assembly. The specific functions and processes associated with Level 2 can vary depending on the model and design of the Kinetico water softener. However, I can provide a general overview of what Level 2 typically entails in a Kinetico system:

  1. Regeneration Initiation: One of the primary functions of Level 2 is to initiate the regeneration cycle in the water softener. The control valve assembly detects when the resin bed in the softener reaches a certain capacity or when a predetermined amount of time has passed since the last regeneration. It signals the system to begin the regeneration process to replenish the resin’s capacity for softening water.
  2. Valve Positioning: Level 2 involves the positioning of the control valve to direct the flow of water through the appropriate channels for regeneration. The control valve engages specific components or mechanisms to ensure that water flows in the desired direction during the regeneration cycle.
  3. Bypass or Diversion: During Level 2, the control valve may bypass the resin bed or divert the water flow to prevent the softening process. This allows the system to divert water to the appropriate regeneration channels, such as the drain or the brine tank, instead of passing through the resin bed.
  4. Tank Fill: Level 2 can include the filling of the brine tank with fresh water in preparation for the next regeneration cycle. The control valve allows water to flow into the brine tank, which is later used to create the brine solution needed for regeneration.
  5. Timing and Duration: The timing and duration of Level 2 in a Kinetico water softener can vary based on factors such as water hardness, system settings, and specific programming. The control valve assembly manages the timing and duration of each level to ensure the appropriate initiation and progression of the regeneration cycle.

It’s important to note that the specific details of Level 2 and its functions may vary depending on the Kinetico model and configuration.