Purpose Of The Drain Valves

The drain valves in a Kinetico water softener serve a crucial purpose in the regeneration process. During the regeneration cycle, the drain valves are responsible for diverting and flushing out the brine solution and any accumulated hardness minerals from the resin tank.

When the water softener regenerates, the drain valves create a path for the brine solution to flow out of the brine tank and into the resin tank. The brine solution passes through the resin tank, rinsing away the hardness minerals that have been collected by the resin beads during the water softening process.

Once the regeneration cycle is complete, the drain valves redirect the wastewater, along with the flushed-out minerals and brine solution, to the drain or sewer system, ensuring that these materials are safely disposed of and do not contaminate the household water supply.

In summary, the drain valves play a vital role in the regeneration process of a Kinetico water softener, allowing for the effective removal of accumulated hardness minerals and the proper disposal of the regeneration waste.