Main Pistons Faults

The main pistons in a Kinetico water softener are critical components that regulate the flow of water during the various cycles of operation. They are responsible for directing water to the appropriate channels and tanks within the system. Here’s an explanation of what the main pistons do and the faults that can occur when they go faulty:

  1. Water Flow Regulation: The main pistons control the flow of water during different stages of the water softener’s operation. They guide water into the appropriate tanks for processes like water softening, regeneration, and backwashing. By opening and closing specific pathways, the main pistons ensure that water flows smoothly through the system.
  2. Faulty Piston Sealing: One common fault that can develop with the main pistons is inadequate sealing. Over time, the pistons may wear out, causing leaks or allowing water to bypass intended routes. Insufficient sealing can disrupt the water flow within the system, leading to inefficiencies in the water softening process.
  3. Piston Sticking or Binding: Another potential issue is when the main pistons become stuck or bind within their chambers. This can prevent them from moving smoothly and interfere with their ability to direct water flow correctly. Sticking or binding pistons may cause improper operation, reduced water pressure, or even complete system failure.
  4. Piston Fracture or Damage: In rare cases, the main pistons may suffer from fractures or physical damage. This can occur due to excessive force, wear, or other external factors. Cracked or broken pistons will likely result in severe disruption to the water flow and require immediate repair or replacement.
  5. Disruption of Regeneration Cycle: Faulty main pistons can lead to issues during the regeneration cycle of the water softener. If the pistons fail to properly direct water flow, the regeneration process may not occur as intended, resulting in insufficient resin bed cleaning and potential hardness leakage into the softened water.

When faults occur with the main pistons in a Kinetico water softener, it is advisable to contact a professional service technician or Kinetico representative. They can diagnose the issue, determine the appropriate solution, and perform any necessary repairs or replacements to restore the functionality of the main pistons and the overall performance of the water softener system.